OM MUSICALS has been started by Two Himachali Brothers Mr. OM RAJ VERMA (Sitarist) & Mr. Bhim Singh Verma (Rythmist) in 1999. It is currently the premier institution for the teaching of Indian Classical music in the City. In fact, it is the only institution who is giving MONTHLY STAGE PERFORMANCE and QUARTERLY RHYTHM CLASS to the students. It caters around 300 to 400 students annually and provides instruction on VOCAL, HARMONIUM, TABLA, SITAR, FLUTE, VIOLIN, GUITAR, KEYBOARD, DRUMS, CONGO, BONGO, DJEMBE, CAJON, DHOLAK, FLUTE, KATHAK DANCE, BHARATNATYAM DANCE, ODISSI DANCE and WESTERN DANCE.

The school has been headed by a succession of experienced and qualified teachers with qualifications in Indian classical music, notably Mr. OM RAJ VERMA who is M.A. MUSIC from HIMACHAL PRADESH UNIVERSITY. He nurtured the School very well. The other teachers are also qualified to teach Indian classical & western music.

The School also functions as a center for the examinations of the Prayag Sangeet Samiti, Allahabad. There is a growing emphasis not just on individual performance but on ensemble playing, aural development, and music appreciation. The staff and students of the School benefit from the workshops and sessions conducted by Visiting Artists, Director Sir and other Musicians. Periodically, there are competitions and events for the own and other students.

As in past years, some students of the college have also gone for higher musical studies to DELHI UNIVERSITY & IKSVV. Our alumni also appointed as Music Directors and Music Teachers in the many schools of the city.

Our Management
Mr. Om Raj Verma (Director).
Mr. Anshul Aggarwal (General Manager).
Mr. Bhim Singh Verma (Head Main Branch).