Om Raj Verma

Om Raj Verma is one of the greatest North Indian classical musicians of his generation. He belongs to the IMDAD KHAN GHARANA of the sitar and his style of playing sitar, known as the GAYAKI ANG, is imitative of the subtleties of the human voice.

OM RAJ VERMA is born on 19th November 1971. His father name is late shri Chet Ram Verma who was in Indian Army. He is the disciple of the great sitarist Ustad SHUJAAT KHAN who is the son of sitarist Ustad Vilayat Khan, and his grandfather, Ustad Inayat Khan, his great-grandfather, Ustad Imdad Khan, and his great-great-grandfather, Ustad Sahebdad Khan, were all leading artists of their respective generations.

OM RAJ VERMA’s musical career began at the age of seventeen. He has done M.A. Music from HIMACHAL PRADESH UNIVERSITY and has given around 200 musical performances in India and abroad. He has performed in SINGAPORE, DUBAI, MALAYSIA and BANGKOK. Audiences around these countries are captivated by his unique style of sitar playing, his fast JHALA and TAAN, his intuitive and spontaneous approach to rhythm.

OM RAJ VERMA opened an academy of music in Delhi in 1999. Initially it was known as SADHNA SANGEET COLLEGE but later in 2011 it changed to OM MUSICALS™. It is currently the premier institution to learn Indian Classical music in the City.